Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
2019 OAC XIV - Rules of the Road 
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
OpenAir Classic XIV
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OpenAir Classic Rules of the Road 2019

1. ELIGIBILITY: Welcome driving enthusiasts! The OpenAir Classic (OAC) is open to any convertible or open top roadster. Sorry, T-tops are not eligible.

2. OBJECTIVES: Drive safely. Have Fun.

3. MEMBERS REGISTRATION: : Members may send entries by US Postal Service beginning June 10, 2019.

Only OAC Members will be registered for the first 200+ grid positions through June 26. Postmarks before June 10 will be cycled to the end of the members’ line for grid position numbers.

All entries by members posted before June 27, 2019 will qualify for the Members’ Only Early Registration Period (MORP). Non-members may apply starting June 27, 2019 for open or waiting list grid positions that may open.


Topless Parade!

4. NON-MEMBERS REGISTRATION: Non-members submit registration forms by US Postal Service beginning June 27, 2019. Non-member entries postmarked earlier may be refused. NO FAXES OR DELIVERY SERVICE ENTRIES. U.S. Postal Service only.

5. REGISTRATION DEADLINES: Final deadline for postmarked entry is July 27, 2019 however the event is likely to be sold out much earlier. Don’t Delay!

6. WAITING LIST: will be maintained for entries over 200+. In past years we have filled up to 5 from the waiting list.

Directors reserve the right to adjust registration limit as they deem appropriate and necessary.


9. CONFIRMATIONS: will be sent by email or US Mail BY AUGUST 7 indicating that your registration has been received and that you are registered. If you have not received a confirmation by Aug. 10, please email us at or by phone at 262-922-4062. (be sure is on your “friends” “ok” or “not-spam” e-mail list so that our mail arrives promptly to your in-box!).

10. DIRECTORS reserve the right to adjust and/or alter any parts of these tours to enhance the safety of participants and to ensure the enjoyment of all. These decisions are not subject to any appeal.

11. OAC TOPS DOWN START: An OAC tradition is to have a “tops down” start where all participants will “drop their tops” together. Starting order will be determined by various means as determined by directors.


12. NON-COMPETITIVE: This is a tour for fun! It is not a rally or race. The only requirement will be to stop at designated check points if you want to be eligible to win prizes. Check points will be open to give everyone a reasonable time to give participants time to pass through. You only need arrive at the end destination by the time noted. Our objective is to ensure that everyone has a fun, safe and pleasantly memorable tour.

13. ROAD SERVICE: All mechanical service and repairs are your responsibility. Though our participants are known for being helpful, be prepared to deal with breakdowns that may occur. Many people choose to join auto clubs or buy road service insurance. We suggest you review the options and be prepared.

14. MEALS AND ACCOMMODATIONS: Participants are responsible for making their own arrangements for meals (except as noted in itinerary) and accommodations. Headquarters & Official Hotels have been selected as a convenience for participants. Ask for the OAC room block for special OAC event rate. Always call at least 10 days before arrival to CONFIRM YOUR ROOM!

Also: Special Wednesday or Sunday rates are often available for those who want to arrive early or stay an extra night.

15. REGISTRATION FEES & BENEFITS: Registration fees are $329.00 for car, driver and a navigator. Extra passengers 6 years and over are $90 per person. OAC Members receive a $10.00 discount one time per membership year as noted on entry form.

16. TOUR ROUTES, materials and events are intended for the use and enjoyment of officially registered OAC participants only. All copy and reproduction rights are reserved by OAC. Any copying or sharing of routes or materials or facilitating entry into events by non-participants is prohibited. Please discuss any “guests” or extenuating circumstances with Directors.

17. PRIZES: Each vehicle will have one entry in the Grand Prize Drawing (but only if it has completed all four day's events). Other drawings will be open to all drivers and those passengers that have purchased an official game card. Member drawings are open to all participating members. Organizers reserve the right to limit prizes to one major prize per person per day


  • 50% of paid reg. fees if notice is received by 7/13/19
  • 25% from 7/14/19 - 8/1/19
    You must receive a cancellation number from OAC staff to qualify for a refund.

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Your OAC Membership supports the cost of putting together these road tours...and gives you the first chance at registration for limited grid positions, limited ticket events, track touring and other events. You get discounts on registration fees and OAC merchandise and your name is entered in members only drawings. Best of all, it helps to keep OAC rolling along & planning tours. Membership is open to any person who loves cars & recreational touring. For just $35 a year you help make this event possible. You can sign up on the registration form or send a check or MC or VISA number with signature and expiration date (OAC-Membership, P.O. Box 5532, Madison, WI 53705-0532).

NOTE: Membership is NOT INCLUDED in registration, but if you become a member now you'll qualify for the registration discount. See registration form.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!


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