Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
2014 - OpenAir Classic  
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
OpenAir Classic
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Welcome to The OpenAir Classic IX!
August 21-24, 2014
NOTE: This tour completed August 24, 2014.

"More Sky, More Curves, More Sun – More Fun!"
Headquarters in ONALASKA, WI!

Yes indeed! Everyone agreed: in 2013 OAC VIII was one of the finest tours ever with a near-perfect
combination of exciting roads, jaw-dropping scenery, friendly communities, great checkpoints, outstanding lodging, down-home hospitality and heaven-sent weather. However, in setting up those routes, it quickly became clear that we couldn’t fit all the good stuff into one tour. There were roads winding off over hills that we just didn’t have time to take.

There were communities we wanted to get to, but couldn’t. There was more of what we tour for - but we only have four days. So this year we’re going back to Onalaska to get it. We’re going back for more. More breath-taking beauty, more twisty turns, more hills, more coulees, more rivers, more shops, more vistas, more countryside, more little towns, more people waving, more days joy, more smiles, more laughs, more fun. More. We’re going back to Onalaska for more.

The ultra-comfortable, amenity-rich Stoney Creek Inn will once again serve as our headquarters hotel while near-by are fine official hotel options at a variety of value points that include The Holiday Inn Express, The Comfort Inn, and the Micro-tel. All offer special rates to OpenAir Tour participants. See the information below and reserve your room today. Room blocks are limited and discount rates may not be available once all rooms filled.

This year marks 22 consecutive years of topless touring – and it just gets better and better. In 2013 on our tri-state tour we ventured to the southwest’s hidden valleys, along the Mississippi River and through the great back roads to the north. In 2014 we’ll drive over equally exciting routes to the northeast and west, into southeastern Minnesota hill country and into virgin territory we’ll visit for the first time. Be there with us!

As is our custom, we’ll roll into Onalaska on Thursday, party at the Gathering of the Topless Banquet, have our Drivers’ Meeting and administer the (now classic) Navigator’s Oath. We’ll grid early on Friday, head up to the north and east hill country, run the deep, wooded valley routes and cruise the crests. On Saturday there’ll be another big breakfast followed by the “OAC Modified LeMans” style start before we cross the big river and enjoy views our friends in Minnesota have marveled at for years. On Sunday we’ll get together to award prizes, celebrate days in the sun, share tales of the road, and maybe wager on where 2015 will find us!

We’re humbled by your warm friendship, delighted to tour this beautiful country with you and honored to call you our topless family! Your zest for living and experiencing the good life turns these tours from simple country drives into magical lifetime memories. Plan now to be there with us in August, dropping-top on the starting grid!

REMEMBER – The Tour grid is limited to 200 cars - however . . .

All OAC Members
who get their registration posted in the Members’ Only Early Sign Up Period (10 -14 days) will be accepted! Please remember this early information and these room blocks are members’ benefits.

Four Topless Days Exploring the Hidden Valleys along the Spectacular Great River Road of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota! Welcome to the land of wows and ahhhs! Lace up your driving gloves. Drop your top. P repare to be thrilled as you drive some of the most scenic hill-country back roads and jaw-dropping beautiful river country in America.

The roads are twisty and the air is fresh, pure and sweet. In this country even the nooks and crannies have nooks and crannies! We’ll be headquartered in the vibrant and friendly community of Onalaska, Wisconsin, perfectly positioned to explore miles of Great River Road, Grand Coulee Country, Tri-State Bluffs, and the Highways of the Verdant Hidden Valleys. Onalaska, just north of La Crosse was home to some of the earliest Native American settlements in the Upper Great Lakes. It played an important role as a booming logging town in the 1800s American frontier. Today it welcomes us to spectacular landscapes and majestic miles of the mighty Mississippi. Welcome to the OpenAir Classic VIII!

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Drop Your Top and Drive Like
The Road Goes On Forever

Tour grid is limited — however all Members who get their
registration posted in the Members Only Registration Period
will be guaranteed a grid position!

The World’s Most Exhilarating Open-Air Auto Spectacle®
The OpenAir Classic (OAC).

This four-day topless tour is exactly what convertibles were made for! Join us, drop your top in America’s Heartland and get ready for the four greatest days of the summer!

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