Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Welcome Home WCC Friends!!  
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
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 A Special “Welcome Home” to

Wisconsin Convertible Classic Members and Participants!

By now you should have received word that after thirteen years of unmatched topless touring, the Wisconsin Convertible Classic has “turned off the engine” for good. Though that news carries a bit of sadness for anyone who ever participated, the good news is that the fun isn’t anywhere near over yet!

Gary and Mae Knowles, founders, directors and administrators of the WCC have joined forces with long-time WCC participants, volunteers and WebMasters, Mike and Donna Peroutka to create OpenAir Tours, an organization that will pick up where WCC ended, championing the sport of recreational touring and presenting the inaugural running of the OpenAir Classic, August 17-20, 2006.

The destination has been selected and rooms have been reserved!

As directors and participants in the WCC we’re proud to have worked with you and so many great people that made those thirteen tours possible. We established touring benchmarks for the ages. And we know that YOU and WE have a lot more open-air cruising left to enjoy before we put the top up for good!

We are determined that with your participation and support this new event will build on the best of the WCC, deliver equal measures of friendship, excitement, fun, discovery, thrills and camaraderie – and go on to establish even greater traditions of its own.

To anyone who ever participated on a WCC Tour from 1993-2005 we extend a hand of friendship, an invitation to keep recreational touring alive and a hearty Welcome Home! We welcome and will gladly honor WCC vouchers. We welcome and will gladly honor your WCC vouchers. They can be applied to OpenAir Membership, Tour Registration Fees, merchandise or game fees.

Those of you who were active WCC members whose memberships expire in 2006 (check the label on this mailing) will automatically receive our first registration materials and be invited to sign up for one of the 200 grid positions in the Member’s Only period of this Inaugural Tour. If your membership expired in 2005 or before, or if you are not currently a member, we invite you to join now as an Inaugural Member and also be invited to register in the Member’s Only period.

If you choose not to become a member now, you will still receive registration materials and be welcome to register in the Open Registration period.

We’re honored and delighted to have the opportunity to invite you to be among the first to step forward to maintain the best of an old tradition and reach for the sky as we establish this exciting new event!

Plan now to drop your top at the Inaugural Tour!

Gary and MaePatrice Knowles Mike and Donna Peroutka
(Alex and Carleigh Knowles, Andrew and Matthew Peroutka)

Soon you’ll be hearing about our exciting destination and headquarters!

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