Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Originality Rules! 
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
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“Originality Rules” at OAC!

Wisconsin Finds it’s Soul

Cheers to Governor Jim Doyle, Tourism Secretary Kelli Trumble, the Governor’s Tourism Council, the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and the Lindsay, Stone & Briggs agency for their excellent work in coming up with the new “brand platform” that clearly and effectively defines and describes the essential point of difference that makes Wisconsin stand out as a favored and preferred travel destination.

A process that began last autumn included surveys, focus groups, interviews with marketing and travel experts, input from out of state travelers and state residents and the result was announced by Gov. Doyle at the Governor’s Tourism Conference in Lake Geneva March 4, 2008.

Originality Rules!

“In Wisconsin. Originality Rules” Governor Doyle said. And indeed it does.

The whole brand platform statement representing “the brand promise and soul of Wisconsin” as presented by Secretary Trumble says:

“Because of the passionate nature of the state’s people to create fun, express themselves in original ways and feel more comfortable doing it here than anywhere else, in Wisconsin originality rules.”

Originality Rules!Originality Rules!Originality Rules!

For OAC - The Shoe Fits!

As organizers of the OpenAir Classic tours and the former Wisconsin Convertible Classic tours we’re delighted to point out that “the shoe fits” fine! We’re the proud organization that carries on the fun, excitement and original traditions of open-air touring that were first articulated and initiated here in Wisconsin in 1993:

  • We recognize and celebrate the unique camaraderie, friendship and fun that exists among convertible owners and enthusiasts
  • We initiated the tradition of “dropping the top and driving scenic backroads”
  • We shook up the traditional “car show” with its motionless automobiles parked in a field or parking lot and literally “put the show on the road” where it belongs
  • We recognize the real beauty of automobiles is found in the joy of driving them
  • We value every one of our participants and have always welcome topless cars of any make, any model and any vintage, and
  • We recognize that Wisconsin’s exceptionally well-maintained network of roads connecting virtually every nook and cranny with every other nook and cranny represents an on-going invitation to hit the road and celebrate the joie de vive, the joy of living, that comes so easily and abundantly to topless auto enthusiasts in Wisconsin.

The OAC Promise – Topless Fun!

Topless Fun in your Topless Car has been and continues to be our promise to our members. We pledge to show you the greatest places to drop your top, introduce you to the most remarkable off-the-beaten-path stops, show you the most spectacular scenic drives, introduce you to great communities and give you extraordinary opportunities to share the road in your open-air car with some of the most friendly and fun-loving people God ever put on Earth.


We’re proud to join with the Department of Tourism and hundreds of other “Wisconsin Originals” like Frank Lloyd Wright, Houdini, Golda Meier, Dan Jansen, Warren Nelson, Packer Tailgaters, Edward Steichen, Crazylegs Hirsch, Chris Witty, Brian Kurth, Aldo Leopold, Georgia O’Keeffe, Les Paul, Tommy Bartlett, Laura Ingalls Wilder, John Muir, Alexander Gallinger, Matt Kenseth, Eric Heiden, Alex Jordan, H.H.Bennett and say, in the OpenAir Classic, Originality Rules!

Originality Rules!Originality Rules!Originality Rules!

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