Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
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Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
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Bill & Judi Smith

Bill and Judi Smith

Judi & Bill’s first convertible was a 1960 Triumph TR3 that they purchased shortly after being married in 1964. Unfortunately that was short lived, as the arrival of their first child in 1965 made that tiny convertible impractical. We now fast forward to 1992 and a trip to Arizona where they rented a convertible for a tour through the state. That resulted in a vow to buy a convertible as their next car. That happened in 1994. They found out about the Wisconsin Convertible Classic in 1995 and made it a yearly adventure through the last tour in 2005.

Bill & Judi are now retired and live in St. Charles, Illinois. They stay busy with a variety of projects, Judi’s art, a little woodworking by Bill and top downing with their 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier. They’re looking forward to many more years with Open Air Tours.


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