Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
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Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
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Roger and Toni Peroutka

Shortly after meeting Toni in 1962, I bought my first convertible, a powder blue 1961 Pontiac Catalina. It carried us to the east coast on our honeymoon in 1963, thereafter it became Toni’s car.

In 1964 when we were expecting # 1 son Michael, we decided a convertible was not appropriate with a new baby, therefore we sold it.

In 1969 when we were expecting # 3 son, I decided it was time to have another convertible, appropriate or not. That one is an all black 1966 Olds 98 which has been in storage since 1988.

Convertible # 3 was a white 1972 ElDorado that we owned from 1977 to 1984.

Convertible # 4 is our present white 1966 Olds 98 that we bought late in 1993, after the first Wisconsin Convertible Classic was run. The paint was new, the top was shot and a few accessories actually worked.

By August 1994 it was pretty much road worthy so we took a chance and joined the WCC for their second tour and have only missed 1996 due to two weddings that weekend. We were now hooked and have enjoyed our new family of friends from around the country.

Through the years our Land Yacht has been a work in progress with results that have enabled us to log just under 100,000 miles. Our longest trip so far was in 2005 when we drove topless for seven weeks logging over 9,300 miles traveling to Seattle & Vancouver by way of Texas. Only one rainy day in Salt Lake City was spent with the top up.

In 1995, son Mike joined us for a run on Road America with his new LeBaron and he was hooked. The following year his girl friend Donna joined us. Then Toni’s brother Joe & wife Peggy followed by my sister Bev & husband Gary joined the club. It has become a family affair for the Peroutka family.

The 2002 cruise in Rhinelander was the highlight when grandson Matthew became the first to be born during a cruise.

This year (2007) also gave us much pride as Matthew’s older brother Andrew became the official flagman.

We have now gone topless in 36 states, including Hawaii. I retired in 2001 and since then we have traveled the entire Pacific Coast and I-10 from Florida to California. We have driven Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, driven up Pike’s Peak, driven to the tip of Key West.

The New England and Colonial states are the only parts of the country we haven’t visited with this convertible. Our plan is to conquer many of them in 2010 when we go to Nova Scotia and then return to Wisconsin by way of Canada.

Touring topless is the only way to go!
Roger & Toni Peroutka

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