Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
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Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
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Dan and Kathy Larsen (& Tyler)

Top Down Fun!
We joined the top down crowd for the first time in 2004 with a new Mustang GT (a birthday gift to Dan from Kathy). Since then, the Mustang has been the car of choice for any weekend the weather is right (and some when its not!) to cruise the back roads of Wisconsin and beyond.

In 2006, we added a passenger – Tyler, our Springer Spaniel (Dan’s birthday gift to Kathy). He too loves the rides top down. As soon as he hears the car start, he’s ready to go!

Our first road trip in 2005 took us down the River Road to New Orleans and the bayous of Louisiana. We joined up with Open Air in 2006 for their inaugural run and from now on we will always block the third weekend in August on our calendar!

The license plate says it all…the only way to travel is “TOP DOWN FUN”!

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