Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
Press Release - 2006.03.07 
Open Air Tours - A "Top Down" approach to touring!
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Convertible lovers will cruise sensational scenic back roads

Running Topless in Wisconsin!

The Inaugural OpenAir Classic Tour is set for Aug 17-20 th, 2006

( Madison, WI) A nation-wide invitation has been issued to convertible owners to be one of 200 open-air auto lovers to join in the first four-day running of a spectacular new back roads tour August 17-20, 2006. The non-competitive OpenAir Classic tour is open to convertible automobiles of any make, model or year. No prior touring or cruise experience is required. Every convertible owner is welcome to become a member of the group and register for the tour.

A Sensational Back Roads Tour Limited to 200 Cars
“This OpenAir Classic tour is designed for folks who want to see the best the Midwest has to offer, tops down,” according to spokesperson Gary Knowles, co-founder of the tour with his wife MaePatrice and fellow convertible lovers Mike and Donna Peroutka. “The purpose of the tour is to have fun in your convertible and experience sensational beauty that’s just off the main highway.”

The tour will visit some of the most spectacular twisting back roads and scenic highways in the region, stop in friendly little towns for dining and shopping, enjoy special entertainment, party and celebrate the joys of recreational touring.

“The tour is intentionally limited to just 200 convertibles with some 400 drivers and navigators to ensure that everyone has a great touring experience,” Knowles said. “We love to see lots of convertibles having fun, and 200 is the perfect size to get into the nooks and crannies to visit little “hidden gems” and out-of-the-way places that give this region its extraordinary character.

Carrying on a Grand Tradition – And An Invitation
The OpenAir Classic tour was organized this year to maintain the traditions of the annual Wisconsin Convertible Classic open-air tour that ended in January. Gary and Mae Knowles were founders and directors of that tour and Mike and Donna Peroutka were eight year tour veterans.

“One of the greatest ways to enjoy this beautiful country is in a convertible,” Mike Peroutka noted, “and the annual August gathering of the topless touring bunch has been a highlight of the summer for many people. After 13 years of touring, we couldn’t let it end. Carrying on in that tradition we extend an open invitation to convertible lovers to join us,”

Cars and Drivers Coming from “All Over the USA”
Knowles noted that participants and cars will be coming from Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and all over the Midwest . Some come from as far as Florida, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas and California. “The word spreads far and wide among convertible lovers,” he said. “This is a top quality tour and lots of people will plan well in advance to join us. On previous tours we had participants who flew in from Japan and rented a Miata just to travel with us. “

How to Get one of the 200 spots - Membership and Registration Information
Registration for the tour will begin in April with OpenAir Classic members ($25/yr) getting an early registration period after which registration opens to non-members. Membership is open to anyone who loves open-air cars and touring. Anyone interested in joining the run can get tour details at www.OpenAir Those without internet access can call the Tour Message Center 262-922-4062 to request a registration kit. Mail requests should be sent to OpenAir Tours, P.O. Box 5532, Madison, WI 53705-0532.

They Love Fun, Sun and Cruising Around
"Convertible people are a special breed," says Knowles. "By nature they're up-beat, friendly, love wind in their hair, like to see the sky and enjoy waving to kids, other cars even cows in the field. They LOVE to be seen. They cruise down the road with music turned up and big smiles on their faces. To them, this is the biggest event of the summer. You’ll never find a better group of people to hang out with and we’re happy to bring them together.”

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